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Fibrelite has been at the forefront of composite quality and innovation since 1980 when we designed the world’s first FRP composite manhole cover for the retail petroleum industry.

And our high-performance, lightweight and safe-to-lift composite covers – including the unique F900 load-rated trench cover – are now selected by specifiers, architects and engineers worldwide.

 Why choose a Fibrelite trench cover?

Although FRP composite covers are now increasingly preferred to the traditional metal or concrete options – not every composite cover is going to perform to the highest standards year after year.

With a Fibrelite trench cover you can be sure that you have a high performance product created via resin transfer molding (RTM) to create a durable, monolithic cover that you can fit-and-forget. What’s more, each one will have been individually engineered under the watchful eye of our technical teams in our own manufacturing facilities in the UK, USA and Malaysia.


Designed as a ‘fit-and-forget’ product, our FRP composite covers are maintenance-free, durable and very strong as a matter of course.

Fully conductive options

Potential electrostatic discharging can be eliminated by using the “fully conductive” Fibrelite cover which uses a metalized fibre within the moulding process to achieve electrical continuity across the entire surface of the cover. Such covers exceed the surface resistivity requirements of PAS26.

The standard calls out for a maximum value of 1 KΩ/cm², the Fibrelite cover actually achieves a value of 0.0144 KΩ/cm².

Corrosion resistance

A prime reason for selecting a composite cover is because of its inherent resistance to corrosion making it an obvious choice where water, wastewater or corrosive liquids are involved. They are also ideal where underground infrastructure requires protection from external corrosive compounds such as salt.

Skid resistance

Independent wet and dry tests carried out by Devon CC Materials Laboratory showed that Fibrelite trench covers – even when wet – had anti-slip properties equivalent to a modern high grade road surface which far exceeds health and safety advisory limits.

Heat resistance

The thermal gradient properties of a composite steam cover significantly reduces the heat transfer from a steam vault to the surface of the cover. Typically the surface temperature of a composite cover is only slightly above ambient temperature, even when subjected to extremely hot temperatures on the underside.
In fact, the best high-quality Fibrelite steam covers maintain their cool-to-touch properties and ability to support vehicular loads even when pushed to a test temperature 400°F.

Benefits in summary

  • Load Ratings from A15 (3,400lb) to F900 (202,000lb) (BS EN 124)
  • Bespoke and custom-made sizing available
  • Perfect for access to drains, ducts and piping
  • Maintenance-free, lightweight and durable monolithic structure which will not delaminate
  • Corrosion-resistant: unaffected by water, underground gasses and most chemicals
  • Excellent insulator against heat
  • Non-metallic, non-conductive and will not spark
  • Treads incorporate an anti-slip material equivalent to modern high grade road
  • Safe, easy-lift manual removal using the Fibrelite ergonomic lifting handle that eliminates the risk of back injury or crushed ngers
  • Locks available
  • Available in virtually any color/color combination ofUV stable colors that will not flake or crack
  • Logos or custom markings can be moulded into the upper surface

World’s largest range

Our trench covers are available in a range of widths from 300mm (12″) to 1000mm (40″); a range of lengths from 600mm (24″) to 1800mm (72″) and depths from: 50mm (2″) to 203.2mm (8″). Bespoke sizes are also available. Load ratings available from A15 to F900.

No risk of theft

There is no risk of theft with a Fibrelite composite cover as composites have no resale value in the scrap market – so you won’t be left with a dangerous, uncovered hole in the ground.

Ergonomically designed lifting handle

As well as being lightweight – typically a third of the weight of an equivalent-size cover produced in metal or concrete – the ergonomically designed lifting aid has the added benefit of eliminating the risk of back injury and crushed fingers.

Colored covers for easy identification

Fibrelite composite covers can also be molded in virtually any color or color-combination and as the pigment is added into the resin during manufacture, there are no problems with the color scratching or fading over time.

This means that covers can incorporate logos and/or be color-coded to match a facility’s branding or even to identify the specific underground service that can be accessed via a particular cover.


Locks and restraining bolts available for added security.

Frame or rebate installation

Can be installed onto our specialized frame or existing rebate.


Covers can be custom molded to accomodate pipework entry, shallow depths with stepped cover profiles, steam and gas release vents, inspection ports and much more.

Fibrelite covers can be molded and shaped to accommodate almost any trench opening.